Contacts for Astigmatism
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Q. Howlong does shipping take for Astigmatism Contacts

A. EMS Shipping(3~5 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2 Weeks) = Total 2~3 Weeks

International registered mail(10 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2Weeks) = Total 3~4 Weeks

Astigmatismcontacts require 1~2 Weeks of manufacture period for they are manufactured upon custom requests.


Q. Areoptions unlisted in the selection bar available as custom manufacture?

A. Curvature or AXLS unlisted as the option of the product cannot be applied in manufacture.


Q. Can I custom order circle contact products for myopia as Astigmatism Contacts with the same design?

A. Weregret to inform you that such is not a viable option. Although astigmatism contacts are manufactured upon custom order placement, we cannot accommodate every customized demand due to inventory management issues. Please understand that choices on custom manufacture for astigmatism contacts are limited to thecategory specified on the website.


Q. Why is 180 the only option for AXLS for some products?

A. Currently,astigmatism products are classified roughly into two categories: products that only accommodates AXLS 180 option and products that provide 0~180 AXLS option choices. Due to inventory management issues, we are unable to provide 0~180AXLS options for all our product lines.


Q. I have astigmatism on only one eye. Is it okay if base curves of left and right eyes are different?

A. Although user experience may vary, most customers with the same condition utilize contacts with different base curves with no major problem.