Queencontacts Franchise program
Do you want extra money?
Help local businesses thrive on the internet and set up a thriving colored contact lenses franchise of your own by marketing, and selling the wide range of colored contact lenses.
Why choose a Queencontacts franchise?
The product - Colored contact lenses
Queencontacts, a colored contacts brand that you can believe in! Queencontacts, founded in Korea in 2000, is the world's largest colored contacts specialty website which has over 1500 products of the latest fashion. It has typical Korean brand products such as GEO, DUEBA, VASSEN, ICK, NEOVISION, which all have European quality certifications, allowing the customer to buy at ease. Queencontacts, trusted and sold all over the world from Japan to USA and Europe!
The market - Blue ocean & thriving market that continues to grow
According to Google, 67% of people are more likely to buy a colored contacts from a website that is mobile-friendly - this means that businesses will really benefit from the professionally designed, fully responsive websites you'll be offering. With your own extensive, protected franchise territory to develop, the potential for success with Queencontacts is truly unlimited.
The franchise - A proven website franchise model
When you join Queencontacts, you're partnering with a well-established colored contacts company with a proven track record, strong profitable growth, and a network of successful franchisees across the world.
Queencontacts fanchise

Why Queencontacts franchise?
1. The amount of money that you need to invest when contracting as a franchise store is zero.
We wish to grow together with you. We will not take any amount unless you are making profits.

2. You can receive expert help anytime, anywhere.
We provide consulting support on sales know-how including product and shopping mall operations so that you can achieve stability in your business without difficulties due to lack of information in the early stages of business.

3. We have new products that come out each month as well as various products.
You can grow quickly in your relevant regional market without competitors with various types of colored contact including short-sighted, far-sighted, Halloween contacts etc.

4.Locally supported
You’ll be the local consultant for each of your customers. It’s one of the main reasons that customers choose an queencontacts website – knowing that they can talk to someone who knows about colored contacts and is just round the corner.
What you can earn
What you earn when you join our colored contacts franchise is, ultimately, determined by you – but there is the potential to reach over $40k by year two. And then, typically, you can add $10-15k each year after that.
But really, it’s your choice. As with any franchise, your success depends on the time and effort you put in. With the right desire and ambition, the financial benefits are unlimited.
A well decorated color lens internet shopping mall requires almost no promotional cost.
This is because visitors increase through natural Google searches and SNS etc.
Once word-of-mouth begins to spread, customers increase exponentially.
You only need to pay for products that have been sold without having to be burdened with inventory concerns.
We do not limit your sales price or profits. You can be flexible in the sales margin you take.
As the Queencontacts franchise has almost no expenses in the form of membership fees/personnel costs/rent/inventory burdens/promotion fees, it is very helpful in making your business achieve stable growth.
In addition, we do not limit which of our products you will sell.
For your reference, one of our Queencontacts franchises currently opened a shopping mall exclusively dealing with premium color lens for astigmatism.

As a result, they grew into a surprising company with profits of over $100K per year.
What does a franchisee do?
As a Queencontacts franchise, you will receive exclusive sales rights for your region, and you may sell the color lens through various methods.
We provide you with high quality pictures and texts for free from our shopping mall.
You can create the most popular and appropriate form of shopping mall in your country easily based on the pictures and texts provided by our company.
In addition, you can also create a store in the most popular site in your country or sell through SNS.
You can select the products to be sold and sales method that is best suited for your region.
When we receive order, we will send the products to the place that you designate.
For customer enquiries or any aspect you are curious about, you can contact us anytime to receive a swift response.
How much training and support will I receive to help me grow my online franchise business?
All the support you'll need to develop a successful internet franchise

We give you all the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to win business as soon as you start your website and digital marketing franchise.
Need help and advice along the way? Our Korea-based support team are on hand whenever you need us, and our comprehensive online support website is full of useful tools and resources to manage and grow your franchise business.
Furthermore, our extensive network of successful franchisees are willing to share their experiences and advice. As a queencontacts franchise, you are never left on your own - you're part of a business partnership.
Queencontacts fanchise
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